Most Flexible Tennis Racquets

Most Flexible Tennis Racquets

It’s simple to get confused by all of the available alternatives while looking for the most flexible tennis racquet. It might be challenging to choose what is the most excellent fit for you with so many factors, such as different brands, forms, sizes, and weights. But keep in mind that selecting a new racket is a very individual process. It may be tempting to pick a racket that matches the brand or design of your favorite professional player, but it’s much more crucial to choose one that suits your individual needs and preferences.

This is particularly crucial if your arm is hurt or uncomfortable in any way. Use a racket that won’t put any more strain on your arm if at all possible. Consider the head size, weight, stiffness, and string tension while selecting a racket. Any of these difficulties can be brought on by a too-small, heavy, stiff, or tight racket. You want a racket that is simple to use and won’t put too much stress on your arm when selecting one. It is best to use a racket that will aid in power production and ball shock absorption. Fortunately, all of the top tennis players meet these requirements.

Larger head sizes and lighter rackets typically have more substantial string beds and a more prominent sweet spot. This implies that you can use a wider variety of strings on your racket to strike the ball with greater accuracy and power. When it comes to timing your swings, this group of rackets also allows you the most leeway, so even If you arrive a bit early or later than expected, you’ll still have a decent chance of connecting with the ball.

There are a few essential considerations to keep in mind when searching for the most flexible tennis racquet. And even though picking the ideal tennis racket is a very individual choice, we’ve put up some suggestions to get you going.

Top 5 Most Flexible Rackets

The Wilson Clash 108 is unquestionably the racket in our lineup that is most focused on feel. Wilson has done a fantastic job of incorporating solidity into the Clash series while still creating a very cozy and adaptable racket. Wilson’s stick is precise and sharp with a 108 square-inch head and a comfortable 56-stiffness rating. With the Clash 108, you’ll undoubtedly feel in control and be able to generate a lot of spin and power due to the 16×19 string configuration and 27.25-inch length.

Wilson Clash 108


Head Size108 sq. in. OS
Weight10.5oz / 9.9 oz.
Length27.25 inches
Weight10.5oz / 9.9 oz.
Beam Width24.5mm
  • A large, extremely versatile racket that is easily accessible
  • constant strokes
  • quicker swings
  • It gets out of stock sooner

This PROKENNEX stick makes use of its movable mass technology. Using this technology, you can stiffen the frame when you contact the ball and loosen the racket when you perform your backswing. This amazingly reduces the shocks produced by striking the ball.

The PROKENNEX has a 119 sq. head and a 28mm thick beam, making it a forgiving racket to play with. You won’t feel any pain from the 275g strung weight or the increased 27.5in length while easily producing all the power you require.


Head Size119 sq. in. / 767 sq. cm
Strung Weight9.8 oz. / 260g
Swing Weight321
Beam Width28mm / 28mm / 28mm
  • Exceptional forehand potential for winners if you swing it like Delpo
  • Despite 65 RA stiffness strung, the 300-gram racquet is stable as a rock
  • Can feel lethargic (struggled on my one-hander)
  • For some, it’s too powerful

Prince’s most flexible tennis racquet not only boasts a beautiful paint job and a velvety feel but also looks fantastic! This racket boasts a number of big, at the top and on the sides, enormous grommet holes that are part of Prince’s Pour Grommet System. The strings can move more freely as a result than they normally could, which improves the comfort of the racket.

For those who wish to give their shots greater force, the Premier 110 racket is a fantastic option. With a head size of 110 square inches, this racket gives your shots more pop. Additionally, the racket’s longer 27.5-inch length gives you more leverage over the ball so you can apply more force to it. Despite having a soft feel and excellent reactivity, this racket is less responsive than the Clash 108 racket.


Head Size110in / 710cm
Weight265g / 9.3oz Unstrung
Balance34.5cm / 13.6in 1pt. Head Light
Swing Weight290
Cross section25-28-25mm
  • Lightweight and Hand-friendly Frame with a Simple Swing
  • Out of stock
  • unfit for a professional athlete

For players who seek the most flexible tennis racquet without sacrificing comfort and playability, the Babolat Pure Drive 110 is a wonderful option. This large racket is lightweight, with an increased length of 27.6 inches and a more giant beam for more forgiveness. We suggest stringing this racket with a soft multifilament string or natural gut for the best comfort and feel.


Head Size710 cm2
Weight (un-strung)255g +/- 7g / 9oz
Length700 mm / 27.6 in
Balance (unstrung)330 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight260
  • It has a pleasant grip.
  • incredibly balanced
  • More prominent sweet spot due to arm friendliness
  • Centered on power
  • offers flexibility with the ideal head size and increased length.
  • This racquet can be too stiff for certain novices.
  • Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction at having to spend an extra dollar for this racquet’s stringing. It isn’t already strung.
  • It could be a little stiff for certain players.
  • Uncommon among professionals

There’s a solid reason why the Head Ti Titanium is the most flexible tennis racquet ever. Due to its large 115 sq in head size and length 27.75 in length, this classic racket is very forgiving and can easily produce a lot of power.

Although it is a little stiffer than average, the head-heavy balance of this tried-and-true racket truly helps. A modest to medium swing makes it simple for you to generate power.


Head Size115 sq. in./ 741 sq. cm.
Strung weight254g / 9oz
Length27.75in / 70cm
Balance8 pts head heavy
Beam WidthMin: 27mm Max: 28mm
  • High Value for the Money
  • Very Simple to Swing
  • Powerful with a very large sweet spot that is easy on the arm.
  • Too Light for Players at the Intermediate Level 
  • Insufficient Control


The most flexible tennis racquets are made to be comfortable and easy to use. These rackets will be ideal for you if you have tennis elbow, have recently returned from a long break, or are hit with short, compact strokes. While balance, beam width, and length are crucial factors to consider, they are more specific considerations after deciding on your head size and weight.

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