How much are Tennis Racquets

How much are Tennis Racquets? – What’s The Price? Let’s Dive in.

Here is a look at what you may expect to pay for a tennis racket and how much are tennis racquets in the marketplace. Investing time and effort into finding the ideal tennis racket for your needs is vital if you want to see progress in your tennis game.
Anyone Who is a part of the Tennis game wants to know how much are tennis racquets of different brands. However, no one hopes that the process will be too costly. As a result, many people are troubled by the high cost of tennis racquets. 
It’s understandable that newbies to the sport would like to know how much are tennis racquets,  before making any purchases, what with all the advertisements and new information they’re likely to encounter.
You may expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $300 for a tennis racquet in the United States. A talented club player should anticipate paying between $150 and $250, given their love for the present design.
Similarly, what is an appropriate price range for an entry-level tennis racket?
You can get a decent racquet for a beginner for around $30-$70 (£20-£50).

Why Are Tennis Rackets Expensive?

It is often asked How much tennis racquets are or How much are Tennis rackets expensive because of the effort put into designing and manufacturing each component (the racket, the strings, and the grips). More expensive rackets use superior materials like graphite, whereas cheaper rackets use plastic.

Price Ranges For Tennis Racquets

How much are Tennis racquets is a fair question, let’s explore the price ranges? Tennis racquet pricing might vary widely depending on where you live, so let’s take a look at that spectral range.
To help you make a decision, we’ve included a range of values based on how much you can expect to get when exchanging dollars for other common currencies.

Us Dollar$20-$300
Euro20 Euros-300 Euros
Uk Pound15 Pounds-220 Pounds
japanese yenY2150-Y27,000.

5 Most Popular Tennis Rackets 2022

I will discuss the most popular tennis rackets and my top recommendations for some good tennis rackets, including the cost of tennis rackets, tennis racquet ratings, and their affordability, durability, and versatility. 
So What to wait for, Let’s explore it.

The head size of the 2019 Babolat Pure Aero tennis racquet is 100 square inches. Easily available, Check it on Amazon. It is available there. Babolat pure aero is one of the cool tennis rackets. 
This tennis racquet from Babolat, the Pure Aero, can generate topspin. Babolat pure aero is one of the good tennis rackets. This racquet’s stiffness ranges from 69 on the racquet’s scale to 67, providing a comfortable grip for the player.
Using Active Cortex Technology, we can lessen the impact of any shakes or jolts. True players will appreciate the head’s superior vibration capabilities. At 3 and 9 o’clock, the racket’s handle meets the edge.
You won’t need to put in much work to use this racquet. It’s easy to swing because there’s no sluggishness. The ideal swing and shot are enabled by the 100 square-inch head size. What’s the most enchanting feature? This tennis racquet from Babolat is aesthetically pleasing with its electric or neon yellow color. 
This racquet’s aero modular design provides the ideal swing in the air.

babolat pure aero tennis racquet


Head Size 100 Sq. inch.
Weight 11.2 oz- Strung, 317g – Unstrung.
Length 27 inches.
Grip size 0-4
Frame Material Graphite.
  • Active Cortex aerodynamically framed headlights.
  • Ten square centimeters of the head.
  • Swinging cannot be initiated when the target is nearby.
  • Extraordinarily high listing price.
  • Service to customers is poor.

The 98-square-inch head of the Babolat Pure Strike tennis racquet is a good place to start. If you’re interested, you may check it out on Amazon. Of all the great tennis rackets Babolat Pure strike is on the top. 
If you follow the tennis racquet ratings you’ll find Babolat pure strike on the top. Almost all tennis players use Babolat equipment, so you’ve definitely seen some of their racquets in action. 
There is no question that they are one of the most widely used tennis racquets. In terms of tennis racquets, Babolat is known for producing some of the best with the Pure Strike being a particular favorite. Mostly, the Cost of a Tennis racket matters a lot but Babolat Pure Strike is available at a very reasonable price.
You’ll have more command, a more satisfying grip, and quicker reflexes than with previous versions.
If you’re looking for a high-end product, go no further than Babolat Pure Strike. The design is likely to win your approval. This is the finest option for an average player. This special item will provide you with much fun.


Head Size 98 Sq. Inch.
Weight (un-strung) 285g
Length 685mm
Grip size 0-4
Frame Material Graphite.
  • Excellent management and efficiency.
  • High quality, comfortable grip.
  • There is a selection of grip sizes available
  • This choice might not be the ideal for more experienced players.
  • The control on this racquet is a little bit off.

The Yonex Vcore Pro is an excellent choice for players who frequently switch courts. This racquet must be kept in the bag for use by baseline players.
Yonex’s VCORE PRO Green Tennis Racquet represents a contemporary upgrade to one of the tour’s most popular frames. As compared to its original dark blue color scheme, this racquet is now a matte green. It is one of the great tennis rackets because of its unmatchable specifications.
The VCORE PROS’ handle has a unique technology called vibration dampening mesh, which helps to reduce the feel of vibrations when using the product. Yonex Vcore is one of the nice tennis rackets in the marketplace. How much the tennis racquets are the main concern for every tennis lover, Vcore is a bit pricey but the quality is up to the mark.  The 98 square inch head size on the YONEX Vcore pro tennis racquet is an incredible choice. You can easily have it From Amazon.


Head Size 100 sq. inches.
Weight (un-strung) 9.5oz.
Length 27 in.
Grip size 0-4
Frame Material Nano mesh NEO.
  • This racket is excellent for players that place a premium on control.
  • Support, accuracy, and precision at a high level of performance.
  • The balance point on the 3D vector shaft is much improved.
  • 97 square inches of the head’s surface area
  • A bit pricey.
  • Slightly bulkier than other models of tennis racquets.

This Wilson Blade 98  makes tennis more interesting. The head size of a standard Wilson Blade tennis racquet is 100 square inches. Convenient available on Amazon. Wilson makes the greatest tennis racquets on the market.
They have excellent series for newcomers, intermediates, and pros of all skill levels. The head weight of this tennis racket is lower than that of comparable Wilson models. The racquet head is less of a balancing act. If you prefer to hold your tennis racket in your hand, you’ll appreciate the racket’s top grip taper. 
If you have mastered the proper tennis racket grip, you will be able to control any match. This is why Wilson is one of the most widely recognized recognized names in consumer goods, and why its products are so well received.
The string arrangement is 18×20 which is fairly durable and suits the 11.4 oz weight.
All of these characteristics provide the player with complete control and grip. Wilson blade tennis racquet marks as one of the cool tennis rackets. This racquet’s stability is excellent. The total combination of structure, weight, and flex provides the player with optimal comfort. The muted low-vibration sense gives an unmatchable feeling.


Head Size 100 sq. inches.
Weight (un-strung) 290g.
Length 27.5 inches
Grip size 0-4
Frame Material Graphite
  • Improved grasping with the top hand.
  • Highly packed string design.
  • There is no better way to compose your work than using flex-free technology.
  • It has a 98-square-inch head, making it a fairly powerful racquet.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • You may find this racquet too hefty to swing effectively.

One of the most popular tennis rackets available on Amazon is Head MicroGel Radical. The Area of Its head Is 107 Square Inches. This racquet has a great feel and provides great control.
This racket can be used in any court. Everything about this tennis racquet is impressive, from the head to the grip to the swing weight.
The player can also swing hard with this racquet. This tennis racquet’s spin capability is useful in both net and ground smashes.


Head Size 107 sq. inches.
Weight (un-strung) 10.4 oz.
Length 27 in.
Grip size 1-4 inches
Frame Material Graphite
  • Increases the power of your shots.
  • It provides a forceful spin.
  • Superb racquet for an affordable price.
  • There isn’t any cover provided.
  • There is a little lack of quality in customer service.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet, A Buyer's Guide

It’s important to know a few things before going out and purchasing nice tennis rackets. When searching for a new tennis racket, it’s important to keep these factors in mind. 
Let’s get right down to discussing them without further hesitation.


Choose the right size for you. If you choose a bigger or smaller size, the playback may not work as well. So here are some tips from tennis pros on how to choose the right size tennis racket for you. It should be the right height, length, and width for you.

The most important thing is how you hold the racket. The wrist hold is comfortable and lets you play simple games for two to three hours without pain.


The weight of your tennis racquet is crucial to your continued engagement. If you have a hefty racket, you will definitely have arm fatigue. This is not an encouraging indicator for your gaming.

Energy- Power

The importance of a player’s power punch cannot be emphasized. One’s performance will suffer without high power, no matter how skilled the player is.

With the correct tennis racquet, a player can unleash their maximum power and play with a more aggressive style. Tennis rackets with larger heads and more stiff frames perform better.

Superb Quality and Design

For many people, this is the single most important consideration when selecting a tennis racquet.

When choosing a tennis racket, it’s important to always go for the highest possible form quality. If you’re using a racquet of poor design quality, you run the risk of injury at any time. But if you’re swinging a high-quality tennis racquet, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Price and Brand

When buying something, the brand is very important. There are different ways to trust brands. If you buy a racket from a well-known brand and the item breaks before the warranty runs out, you can get a new one for free. Like this, there are more ideas.

 On the other hand, if you buy a racket from an unknown brand, we won’t be responsible if anything happens to it after you buy it. That’s the reason when you buy Racquets it is equally important to look for a good brand. power punch cannot be emphasized. One’s performance will suffer without high power, no matter how skilled the player is.
With the correct tennis racquet, a player can unleash their maximum power and play with a more aggressive style. Tennis rackets with larger heads and more stiff frames perform better.

Final Analysis

I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll find all the info you need to get started with tennis racquets here and how much are the tennis racquets. The aforementioned factors should all be taken into account before making a final choice.
Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have inquiries about tennis racquets.

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