how long do multifilament strings last

How Long Do Multifilament Strings Last? – Know the Answer!

It is important to understand the lifespan of stringing materials when choosing a string for your tennis game. Among the different types of tennis strings, multifilament strings are common. 

Multifilament strings are widely used due to their playability, but people seem to be confused about their durability. 

So, how long do multifilament strings last?

Multifilament strings can last around 12 to 30+ hours of gameplay, depending on various brands. This string has an average playability duration between 3 to 7 hours, which decreases over time. A few factors may hinder the durability of the multifilament string such as string thickness, weather, and storage. 

That’s only the summary of this article. To properly evaluate the lasting of multifilament strings, read the article till the end!

What Are Multifilament Strings?

What Are Multifilament Strings

Multifilament strings are a type of tennis string. It’s made of thousands of tiny fibers which are woven together to create a single string. 

These strings were introduced in the 1980s as an alternative to natural gut strings. Multifilament strings became increasingly popular among tennis players.

This string goes for every tennis player, regardless of the rating. For example, there are many factors that differentiate a 3.0 player and a 4.0 player. But both of the players can use multifilament strings!

One of the most interesting benefits of multifilament strings is their durability. But many people raise questions about their durability.

How Long Do Multifilament Strings Last?

Different brands and types of multifilament strings last for different periods. Here is a chart consisting of some common multifilament strings and their lasting period-

String Name Lasting Period
Head Velocity MLT18 hours
Tecnifibre X-One Biphase3 – 5 hours
Gamma Live Wire XP 17g25 hours
Kirschbaum Syngut multi 16g mains12 – 15 hours
Prince Prem Control 16g30+ hours
Weiss Cannon Silverstring 17 1.20mm10 hours
Yonex Rexis 1.2510 hours
Wilson NXT String30+ hours
Velocity MLT 17g20+ hours

In majority cases, multifilament strings lose the tension between 3 – 7 hours. Yet, they won’t snap right then. You have to play a lot with these strings to really test the durability! The playability decreases with time.

Also, notice the lasting period of the multifilament strings is quite high! It’s one of the key differences when it comes to multifilament and polyester strings, polyester lasts much less. 

Factors Impacting the Durability of Multifilament Strings

Here are some factors that impact the durability of multifilament strings-

String Thickness:

Thinner strings have less durability whereas thicker strings have increased durability! This essentially means that thinner multifilament strings will snap more quickly than thick ones. 

Power and Spin:

If you and your opponent are soft hitters, the multifilament string will last longer. On the other hand, if both of you are heavy hitters, the string will snap much quicker. 

Moreover, applying spin to your shot with multifilament strings will wear it down slowly. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Still, you do have to re-string quite frequently if you hit a lot of spin shots. You can use a stringing machine to restring it! 


The temperature can greatly affect the durability of multifilament strings. Too hot, cold, or humid temperatures may weaken the multifilament strings! 

A few people have misconceptions that wind is bad for tennis strings. However, it won’t affect the multifilament strings when it’s too windy when playing tennis.

Racket Storage:

The bumper guard gets damaged when a racket is stored without care. Eventually, this causes the multifilament strings to snap at an early stage.

Nevertheless, you can rely on a few methods to make multifilament strings last longer. I’ve discussed it in the next section, give it a read!

Racket Storage

How to Make Multifilament Strings Last Longer?

Here are some tips you can follow to make your multifilament strings last longer-

  • Firstly, store your racket according to the weather. In extremely hot or cold weather, store your racket in a temperature-controlled environment after the game. 

After playing in a humid temperature, use a dry towel to pat down all the water. After that, store your racket normally.

  • Secondly, make sure you restring your racket regularly to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your strings.

    If your rackets are strain-free, your arm will be strain-free as well. It’s similar to the effects of the arm-friendly tennis rackets out there.
  • Thirdly, avoid excessively hitting balls at the top of the frame or near the edges. This generates extra friction and can lead to early breakage.
  • Fourthly, you can use string savers to increase the durability of strings! This goes for other strings except for the multifilament strings as well!
  • Finally, it is essential to choose the right gauge for your playing style. A thinner gauge may offer better playability but will wear out quicker than a thicker one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is multifilament good for beginners?

Yes, multifilament is good for beginners. In fact, many intermediate and advanced players can also use multifilament strings. These strings provide a balance of high power and a comfortable feel. For those who have hand injuries or weak arms, multifilament strings are the way to go!

Is synthetic gut multifilament?

No, synthetic guts are not multifilament. A synthetic gut has many wraps on the outside and a solid core. On the other hand, multifilaments are the result of microfibers, thousands of them! 

Is multifilament good for spin?

Yes, multifilament strings are good for a spin. Although multifilaments are known for their softness, they’re effective at increasing the spin potential as well! Due to the strings being soft, the ball grab increases. In turn, it increases spin along with it.

The Final Words

Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question, “how long do multifilament strings last?”

You can switch up between a few strings to find a string that your playstyle goes with. This has the potential of improving your gameplay as well.

Have a great day!

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