Titanium Head Tennis Racket

Titanium Head Tennis Racket

The titanium head tennis racket is one of the most well-liked entry-level tennis rackets available. We’ll put it to the test in this review and discuss why it’s the best option for a newbie. For novices, this racket is excellent because it is lightweight and simple to swing. It has a sizable sweet spot, which makes it simpler to strike the ball with more force and control in the middle of the racket. The titanium head tennis racket also includes a head light balance, facilitating steering and increasing maneuverability.

The titanium head tennis racket is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for your first tennis racket. It has a big sweet spot, is lightweight, and is simple to swing.

Length 27.75 inch / 70 cm
Head Size 115 in2 / 742 cm2
String Pattern 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Unstrung weight 8.0 oz / 225 g
Strung Weight 8.9 oz / 252 g
Balance 8 pts Head Heavy / 385 mm
Composition Titanium Graphite Composite
Beam Width 28.5 mm

Features of Titanium Head Tennis Racket

Additional Racket Length

The titanium head tennis racket measures 27.75 inches, or 70 cm, which is 3/4 inches longer than the typical tennis racket on the market. Although it might not seem like much, the added length brings you closer to the ball when you make contact with it, which can be advantageous if you are new to tennis.

Sweet Spot and larger head size

The first time a player picks up a racket, the Head Ti S6 is one of the largest tennis rackets available. It has a large sweet spot and a racket head size of 115 square inches, so your shots will still feel comfortable even if you hit slightly off-center. Due to its large head size, the titanium head tennis racket is also very potent.

Among the lightest rackets available today, the titanium head tennis racket weighs 255 grams when strung and is made of a weave of titanium and graphite fibers. It also has eight head-heavy points, which implies that the balance of the racket is tipped in favor of the head.

The Head Titanium is incredibly simple to swing thanks to the light frame weight and head-heavy setup. Additionally, it makes the racket incredibly comfortable to hold and gentle on the arm, which can be especially helpful if you have any wrist or arm issues.

The titanium head tennis racket is pre-strung with 61 pounds of Head Synthetic Gut before it leaves the manufacturer, which is how we tested it. Tennis strings can lose tension with time, so when we checked the string tension, it was probably a little lower than the initial 61 pounds.

The strength of the titanium head tennis racket is increased by the fact that synthetic gut strings are softer and lose tension more quickly. If your racket needs to be restrung, request that the stringer use polyester strings rather than synthetic gut.

Excellent for groundstrokes is this racket. The racket has a huge head size, which adds to its power, and a lightweight frame that makes it very easy to swing. Additionally, the 1619 string pattern contributed to its successful spin performance. We had no issue adding a little topspin or slice to our strokes, despite the fact that it doesn’t give you a lot of touch or feel.

This combination makes the racket perfect for playing from the baseline and greatly helps players looking for more power who have a fuller, slower swing.

The racket’s light frame weight makes it simple to control, while its longer racket and larger head make it simpler to hit the ball. Although the racket has a lot of force when volleying, we thought it lacked some control. Playing against more experienced players who hit the ball harder can be a problem, but it’s less of a problem when you’re just getting started.

The racket has a lot of power on serve and works well for players who slice or flat serve, which is typically the case for most junior and senior players. You can also serve a little bit more easily by hitting the ball after the ball is thrown at a slightly higher point, thanks to the longer racket. However, if you are a novice or amateur player, utilizing this racket can be a bit much for you, making it challenging for you to control your shots.

When playing against opponents who have larger and faster serves, the lack of control is more obvious. When playing against these kinds of athletes, keeping the ball on the court was difficult. However, you won’t encounter powerful servers at the beginning of your tennis career and won’t really become aware of a problem until you begin playing competitive tennis.

We had absolutely no trouble on returns when encountering slower serves and would even say the racket played admirably. It was simple to attack early and put the adversary under pressure right away, thanks to the tremendous racket.

Due to its enormous head size and lightweight, the titanium head is among the finest tennis rackets for beginners since it gives the player more control over the ball. However, when the player progresses and demands greater control, this may become a disadvantage. The player will need to update their racket once they reach this stage. It normally takes inexperienced players some time to reach this stage, so even if it’s not the ideal circumstance, the titanium head is still a fantastic racket to use till then.

Comparing This Racket to Others

The Head Titanium Ti S6 racket, which falls somewhere in the center in terms of power and control, is frequently compared to the Head Ti S5 and the Ti S7 (now discontinued) racket. The Head Ti S6’s big frame size of 115 sq inches makes it stand out in comparison to other entry-level rackets on the market. It stands out from its rivals because of this. Additionally, even in comparison to more contemporary rackets, it is incredibly lightweight.

Tennis players searching for a more contemporary alternative to the heavier and bulkier options on the market will find the Head Graphene XT Instinct S to be a perfect option because it is substantially bigger and lighter than the Head Graphene XT Instinct S.

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