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Rpm Blast Vs Hyper G: Ultimate Tennis String Showdown!

RPM Blast and Hyper G are two of the most popular tennis racket strings on the market today. Both of these strings are competitors against each other for a long time.

However, people are still getting confused when choosing between these 2 strings.

So, what’s the better option between rpm blast vs hyper g?

Between the rpm blast and hyper g, the rpm blast is more powerful but has stiff feedback. On the contrary, the hyper g has more spin and soft feedback. The initial tension and tension drop are high on the rpm blast and low on the hyper g. Finally, the rpm blast is on the thicker side whereas hyper g is thinner. 

You will require much more information to actually differentiate between these two strings. Read the article till the end to do so!

Rpm Blast Vs Hyper G: a Brief Overview

Looking at the key differences between these two tennis racket strings will help you get a base understanding. In the chart below, I’ve provided the differences. Take a look!

Differentiating FactorsRpm BlastHyper G
FeedbackBouncyMuted and less bouncy
Power More powerfulLess powerful
Spin LessMore
String TypePolyesterPolyester
Thickness1.2, 1.25, 1.3, 1.35 mm1.05, 1.10, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25, 1.3 mm
Ball GrabGoodBetter
String Tension48-66 lbs50-55 lbs
Tension DropQuickerSlower
CostCheck PriceCheck Price

By this point, you’ve already done a bit with the overview! In the next section, I elaborated on the differences in greater detail.

Rpm Blast Vs Hyper G: In-depth Comparison

Now, let’s get started with a detailed comparison between RPM blast vs Hyper G! Read each differentiating factor below to make the best decision!

Feedback and Playability:

Between the rpm blast and hyper g, the hyper g provides softer feedback.

The hyper g is made of polyester. When hitting a tennis ball with hyper g, the feedback you’ll get will be much softer than the rpm blast. Since the string feedback is softer, the pop you get from the racket will be softer as well.

It’s less bouncy than the RPM blast and stiffer. The playability of Hyper G doesn’t drop over the first few hours; unlike RPM blast. It prevents excessive vibration, so it’s muted and you can swing better.

On the other hand, the feedback on the rpm blast is more bouncy than hyper g. Although the rpm blast is lively and crisp initially, with head-on contact, the string power changes. 

However, you can get a harder pop from this string; which can add more fun! Over time, the RPM blast loses the crispy feedback and becomes dull. The playability of RPM blast is better when it’s new!

In both cases, it’s necessary to maintain their feedback. When the feedback is changing, it indicates something wrong. Regularly cleaning your tennis racket grip and strings can save you from this situation.

Feedback and Playability
Source: gannonsports.co.uk


The manufacturer for RPM blast is Babolat and on the contrary, Solinco manufactures the Hyper G string.

Bablot is known as one of the top tennis string manufacturers. Many professionals use the Bablot strings, and the RPM blast as well. For instance, Rafael Nadal.

Solinco is also a famous brand when it comes to tennis string manufacturers. Professionals like Andre Agassi and Noah Rubin use the Hyper G string.


The hyper g has thinner options when compared to the rpm blast.

The rpm blast has 4 thicknesses available on the strings. The 1.2, 1.25, 1.3, and 1.35 mm strings are available for the rpm blast. Now, it has a thicker option than the hyper g, which is 1.35 mm.

Thicker strings can help the string’s durability increase substantially. Also, it also affects the feedback of the string.

On the other hand, the hyper g has really impressive thin strings. It has 6 string thickness options- 1.05, 1.10, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25, and 1.3 mm. In comparison, the hyper g offers thinner strings than the rpm blast. 

The thin strings from hyper g offer a few advantages, but it’s less durable than the rpm blast. Whenever you’re buying a tennis racket or tennis string, prior knowledge about durability can save you money! You can go for the thickest option to increase durability!

Power and Spin:

The hyper g provides more spin while the rpm blast provides more power.

When your tennis gameplay improves, the variety in your shots expands as well. In such cases, power and spin are really helpful and vital aspects. 

The rpm blast has more power score than the hyper g. It also explains the increased stiffness of the rpm blast. The stiffer the string, the more power it should deliver! Tennis overgrips can also help increase the power of your shots and defend powerful shots!

However, rpm blast isn’t the optimal choice when you’re trying to maximize the spins in your shots! This is also the main difference between Alu Power and Alu Power Rough

On the other hand, hyper g provides a better spin between these 2 strings. It has thinner strings which increase the ball grab. In turn, it increases the spin too. Still, when it comes to power, hyper g has a lower power score than the rpm blast. 

Tension Drop:

The tension drop of the rpm blast is quicker than the hyper g. When you apply a string on your racket, over time, it comes loose. The longer it takes to loosen, the lower the tension drops, and the better! 

The initial tension of hyper g is lower than the rpm blast, which is 55 lbs. However, it retains that tension much longer than the rpm blast. You can be sure of this by using a tension calibrator on your tennis strings.

On the other hand, rpm blast has a higher initial tension when compared to hyper g (48-66 lbs). Yet, the tension drop is much larger on the rpm blast. Don’t be worried though, you can always adjust the tension of your strings.

Tension Drop
Source: tt.tennis-warehouse.com


Between the rpm blast and hyper g, the rpm blast is the most expensive one. 

Each pack of the rpm blast costs around 18.95$. This might get expensive if you change the string frequently.

On the other hand, each pack of the hyper g strings costs around 12.95$. This is almost 33% cheaper than the rpm blast.

Rpm Blast Vs Hyper G: Which One Should You Pick?

After all the discussion, now it’s time to make your decision. Here’s some briefing to help you even further.

Pick the rpm blast if you’re looking for stiffer feedback. This string also provides more power, pop, and thickness. The strings are more durable as well. 

However, you’ll get less spin and the ball grab will be worse when compared to the hyper g. Although the initial tension of this string is high, the tension drop is high as well. Additionally, it’s much more expensive compared to hyper g.

On the contrary, hyper g will be the better option if you want soft feedback on your strokes. You have the option to get a much thinner string by picking the hyper g. 

You will also be able to spin more efficiently as the ball grab is better for this string. It’s also the cheaper option between the two.

But, there are downsides as well. The initial tension for this string is much lower than the rpm blast. Yet, the tension drop is lower. Furthermore, you’ll get less power and pop with your strokes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is RPM Blast rough arm friendly?

No, RPM blast rough is not that arm friendly. RPM blast rough is designed to deliver more control, durability, and most importantly, power. That’s why these strings can put a toll on the arm. If you have elbow injuries or other issues, it’s best to choose a softer string.

What is the difference between RPM blast and RPM blast rough?

The difference between RPM Blast and RPM Blast Rough is that the RPM blast has more spin and tension maintenance than RPM blast rough. However, it does not provide the level of comfort and power as RPM blast rough does. RPM blast is focused on play style whereas RPM blast rough is more focused on gameplay!

Is multifilament better than natural gut?

Yes, multifilament strings are better than the natural gut. Still, when it comes to softness, multifilament strings can’t beat the natural gut. Natural gut provides a soft feel whereas the multifilament strings offer high tension. This also increases the power factors of the string.

The Final Words

This is the end of this article. Hopefully, now you’re clear about all the differences between rpm blast vs hyper g strings. 

When choosing strings, always make sure it doesn’t stress your arms. It’s important to keep your arms and elbows protected when playing tennis.

Good luck on the tennis court!

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