Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

If you consider yourself an accomplished tennis player and are in search of the greatest tennis racquet, you have come to the right place. The vast majority of tennis players are seeking either a power/spin, balanced or control racquet. In general, a racquet with more power and spin at the detriment of control is the norm rather than the exception.

There have been tremendous advancements in tennis racquet technology, allowing manufacturers to build superior products for the most proficient players.

You may get a wide variety of the best tennis racquets for advanced players on the market, but the Wilson Blade V7 98 is the safest option.

Is It Time for an Advanced Tennis Racquet, and How Do I Understand?

Advanced players compete on a consistent basis. They have command over the placement, spin, and force of their shots. They also act as a source of power and spin. On the USTA scale, this would be equivalent to a 4.0 rating or above.

Now, if you believe that you require a racquet that is suitable for advanced players, continue reading our assessment of one of the best tennis racquets that are suitable for advanced players.

Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players - Highly Recommended By Players

Wilson Blade V7 98 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket is an excellent choice for tennis players who want a powerful and sleek racket. These advanced players will benefit from the generous sweet spot and supple string bed of this well-made instrument.

Blade 98 is budget-friendly. Graphite and carbon filters make it lightweight and strong. It has a three-tone look, with sharp edges and a stretchy coat of paint. Players will be able to hit the lines with precision and spin on full strokes.

This most recent iteration of the Wilson Blade features significant advancements in terms of control. It has always been a line that places an emphasis on simple control and pinpoints accuracy on the court, but when they made the decision to integrate the Feel Flex technology into the racquet, this became even more apparent.

The blade can be used for both groundstrokes and volleys. Blade 98’s open string pattern (1619) makes it easier to add spin to groundstrokes hit from the baseline. It’s a terrific choice for intermediate to advanced-ability-level tennis players. It’s hard to find tennis equipment that’s fashionable, effective, and kind on the arms these days. This Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket is, thankfully, excellent in all three respects.

Therefore, the Wilson Blade 98 Tennis Racket is the best option for experienced players that aim to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Wilson Blade 98
Grip Size4 ⅜.
Weight305 grams.
Frame MaterialGraphite and Basalt.
Skill LevelAdvanced.
  • Offers Great power.
  • Racket that is easy on the arms for anyone who suffers from arm problems.
  • Solid groundstrokes touch and feel.
  • Constant service and simple handling.
  • Not for newbies or weak intermediate players.
  • A little heavy as compared to other tennis racquets.

What Advanced Tennis Players Should Look For In a Racquet

Before committing to a single racquet, these are some of the most important considerations for an experienced player.

1.    The Scale of the Head

While larger heads provide more power and larger sweet spots, smaller heads provide more control. Those looking to increase their hitting power should go with the larger head size.

2.    Length

The standard length for a professional racquet is 26-29 inches. Longer racquets may look more impressive, but players should keep in mind that they are more difficult to handle. The length of a racquet is important, so they should check that they are comfortable with it before buying.

3.    Enough weight In the Head

Choose a head-heavy racquet if you require more power in your groundstrokes, and a head-light racquet if you need more control.

4.    Rigidity

The rigidity of the racquet has an effect on the comfort and power of the athlete. The more rigid a frame is, the greater the shock that is transferred to an athlete’s hand and arm. However, when it comes to hitting shots, a gear that is stiffer requires less effort.


Any one of the various available rackets will provide skilled players with the assurance they need to hit their drives straight on. However, we advise going with Wilson Blade 98 as it is the best of the bunch.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the tennis racquet I recommend for advanced players.

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