Best Budget Tennis Racket

Best Budget Tennis Racket- Top Most Affordable Tennis Rackets

Tennis is a fantastic sport to take up, but the upfront cost required to purchase a racket is enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic beginner. Don’t let this discourage you from enjoying what the rest of the world is doing. Many enthusiastic new players avoid buying Tennis Racket because they believe it is out of their financial reach. It’s not true that you need to spend a fortune on tennis. There are some best budget tennis rackets in the market. You can choose one of the best from them.

You are going to learn about the best budget tennis racket in this article, and you are also going to get some advice on how to choose one for yourself while maintaining your budget restrictions.

You’ve found the happy place: the best budget tennis racket for the lowest prices! So what to wait for, Let’s explore.

Tennis Racket Price

From approximately 20$ to 300$, tennis rackets range in price from basic to high-tech in terms of their features and construction. Until they’ve mastered the fundamentals, beginners shouldn’t spend more than $80 on their setup. You can get many high-quality rackets at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank but still play well.

The major producers of rackets noticed this issue that not everyone can afford expensive rackets since then they produced a large number of rackets that are priced affordably. These rackets are ideal for tennis players who aren’t quite ready to commit to purchasing a more expensive set of equipment.

Best Affordable Tennis Racket

This is one of the classiest adult rackets. It is made by the Head. The Head size is good, but not too big. It has an area of more than 100 square inches, which is the perfect amount of space for both power and control.
This is also one of the lightest rackets you’ll ever use. The whole thing weighs only 10 oz. This makes it much easier to spin and control shots. When you use this racket, it’s easy to get more skilled. It’s about 27 inches long, which is just appropriate for anyone.

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket


Head Size115 sq. in.
Weight255g/ 10oz.
Length27 inches.
Grip size4 3/8 In.
Frame MaterialTitanium
  • Excellent layout.
  • Incredibly strong power levels.
  • The Potential of Spin.
  • Quite challenging to move around in.

Best Inexpensive Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tennis Fusion XL is one of the greatest inexpensive tennis rackets available on the market, and it can be purchased for a price that is just under fifty dollars. The head of this racket is extremely big 112 square inches, which contributes to its power-oriented design. 
This racket is quick to react and versatile. The sweet spot is enormous and nearly impossible to miss, while the strings have an open 16-by-19 design that enables additional dwell time.
The Wilson Tennis Fusion XL is an excellent choice for players who are new to the sport of tennis and are looking for a racket that will help them feel more at ease on the court while they are learning the fundamentals of how to play the game. This racket comes in a size that is suitable for both beginners and recreational players. Wilson is indeed the best-budget tennis racket.


Head Size112 sq. in.
Weight (un-strung)274g.
Grip size4 ⅜ in.
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
  • Much Convenient for an arm.
  • Highly flexible and quick to react.
  • Price is affordable.
  • There is a lack of steadiness and control.
  • Suitable only for newbies and leisure gamers.

Top 3 Best Cheap Tennis Racquets

This is one of the best and most affordable tennis rackets. Because the Yonex Ezone Feel provides the most value for its price, you should surely think about purchasing it. This racket has a regular length of 27 inches and a very substantial 102 square inches of head surface area. 
During the playtest, we really appreciated the regulated strength of this racket, which made it possible to execute complete, strong swings without the racket ever being too overwhelming. Moreover, it is a cheap tennis racket. It also requires very little effort on your part to achieve incredible spin, as well as speed.
This racket is lightweight and easy to swing, but it still ensures grip to reliably hit all of your shots and divert the ball when necessary.


Head Size102 sq. in.
Weight (un-strung)8.8 oz. / 250 g.
Length27 in.
Grip size4 ⅜ in.
String Pattern16 Mains x 18 Crosses
  • Adjustable power.
  • Have both options speed and spin.
  • Impressive layout.
  • Easy to move.
  • Not so particularly reliable.

Wilson tour slap is ideally a cheap tennis Racket. Aluminum of the highest possible grade is used in the construction of the tennis racquet called the Wilson Tour Slam. This metal is both light and sturdy, which enables the production of a racket that is both more affordable and of higher quality overall. The “volcanic” technology that made Wilson famous is the only one of its kind and is solely known to him. 
The primary function of Wilson tour slam is to enhance a player’s stopping power and stability while they are in play. In addition to being constructed for power, the strings are outfitted with unique dampening pads that, when applied, limit the number of vibrations that are transmitted through the instrument. Because of the reduction in vibrations, players have significantly improved control over the ball when it is in play.


Weight (un-strung)0.35 gm.
Skill LevelBeginner
Grip size4 ⅜ in.
  • It is an extremely responsive racket thanks to its brilliant balance.
  • It weighs 10.3 ounces pre-strung and is lightweight.
  • Stiffness of the racket boosts power.
  • Threads are not of good quality.
  • Frame is a little stiff.

The Head microgel radical racket is a top pick for cheap tennis rackets because it has many of the same characteristics as more expensive models.
It’s not just for people who dabble in it on the side or as a pastime; there are plenty of other reasons why it belongs in the “professional” division at even the smallest tournaments and championships.
The head of the racket is only 98 square inches in size, and it has a dense 18×20 string arrangement. It is able to easily generate high spin, which assists the golfer in adding additional depth to each stroke they take. During the playtest, we were able to see that this racket performs admirably in all areas of the court, but that it is particularly strong at groundstrokes and volleys. You can also generate some tremendous power with a little bit of work, but in order to do so, you will need some skills as well as some muscular stamina.


Head Size98 sq. in.
Weight300 Grams
String Arrangement18×20
Grip size4 ½ inches
Frame MaterialCarbon Fiber
  • Greater ability to absorb strong vibrations.
  • Easy on pocket.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Improved sensation.
  • Frame is a bit rigid.

Top 3 Discount Tennis Racquets

Babolat boost drive is one of the best discount tennis racquets. The Babolat Boost Drive is another top selection and the one we recommend most to beginners. This is one of the best discount tennis racquets. This reasonably priced tennis racket has a sleek appearance and plays well in all areas of the court. The 105-square-inch club head packs a punch and can generate significant spin with little effort.
The frame’s generous sweet spot and wide string pattern provide the ball with additional opportunities to “sit in.” The racket’s light 9.6-ounce strung weight makes it a breeze to swing. It’s adaptable, quick to react, and leaves a fresh impression.
As a result of the brand’s implementation of cutting-edge technology to minimize the effects of stress impact and harsh vibrations, it is also comfortable for the arm. This Babolat tennis racket is the best budget tennis racket. Babolat boost drive 2021 was expected to exhibit low levels of control as well as stability, which can occasionally result in inconsistent performance.


Head Size105 sq. in.
Weight0.26 Kilograms
Length27 in
Grip size4 ¼ in.
  • Inspiring frame.
  • Practical and quick to react
  • Easily moved.
  • An unreliable performer at times.
  • Frame is a bit stiff.
  • Low stability.

The Head Metallix Spark Tour Stealth has a frame that is marginally more lightweight than the two rackets that were just described. This racket is designed particularly with players who do not compete on a weekly basis in mind. This reasonably priced tennis racquet has a design that is rather impressive, and it offers strong performance in all areas of the court.
Your shots will have a great deal of power when you use the Metallix Spark Tour Stealth, but you will lose some control in exchange for this increased power. It’s easy on the arm, too as it mitigates the effects of shock and vibration.


Head Size100 in.
Weight (un-strung)275g.
Length27 in.
Grip size4 ½. in.
Frame MaterialMetal
  • Extraordinarily comfortable for the arm.
  • Greater power.
  • Enhanced texture.
  • Easy playability.
  • Control and stability levels are low.

The Wilson Blade Team is a midsize racket that packs enough spin and power into its 99 square-inch head and open 16×18 string arrangement. During the trial, the racket performed admirably from any position on the court, but we were particularly impressed by its ability to facilitate backhand and forehand cuts. 
Since the beam is contracted in a novel way, the balls appear to fly through the air and the user has greater control over where the ball lands and how long it stays there.
The frame makes it simple to produce significant speed while also facilitating the players’ ability to keep up, especially during hit exchanges. It’s easy on the arm and gives you more room to make mistakes.
This inexpensive tennis racket may prove useful to a wide range of players, it is recommended for those at the intermediate skill level and above.


Head Size99sq. in
Weight (un-strung)10.4 oz
Length27 in
Grip size4 ¼ inches
Frame MaterialGraphite
  • Arm Friendly.
  • Not so pricey.
  • High degree of Control.
  • Spin and power.
  • Strings appear to be poor.

How to Find the Best Budget Tennis Racquets

For many, purchasing their first tennis racket can be a stressful experience. You may have heard that not all tennis rackets are identical by now, but do you know what distinguishes them? There are a lot of factors to consider while selecting the best budget tennis racquets. 
Three factors that you must check before buying a tennis racquet are the Head size, Length, and Grip size and the last one is the Tennis racket weight.

Final Analysis

We have discussed in depth the best budget tennis racket now it’s your turn to have a hand on which one. After reading this post, we hope that you have discovered the tennis racket that is most suitable for your financial capabilities.
Each racket is powerful, has a forgiving body, and can be used effectively in a variety of positions. Now it’s your choice to buy which one! Feel Free to contact us for any Queries.

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