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Alu Power Vs Alu Power Rough: Battle of the Strings!

When it comes to strings for tennis strings, there is no shortage of options. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, you might’ve heard about Alu Power strings. 

Alu Power and Alu Power Rough are two of the most popular choices in the market nowadays. As a result, choosing one string between these two excellent strings is quite difficult.

So, what should you choose between Alu Power vs Alu Power Rough?

Between Alu Power and Alu Power Rough, Alu Power Rough provides more power, & spin. The return energy of this string is quite high too. But its tension quickly drops and it’s less comfortable. On the contrary, Alu Power has better control & low tension drop. It’s also more comfortable compared to the Rough version which feels more metallic. Yet, it doesn’t provide as much power & spin in comparison.

Need more info to select the best tennis strings? Read the article until the end to make the best decision!

Alu Power Vs Alu Power Rough: a Brief Overview

A quick look at the key differences between Alu Power and Alu Power Rough will be the perfect start to the comparison. It’ll help you look at the bigger picture. 

Observe the table below to know the key differences between these 2 strings:

Differentiating FactorsAlu PowerAlu Power Rough
DurabilityMore DurableLess Durable
String TypePolyesterHybrid
Power LessMore
Thickness1.2, 1.25, 1.3 mm1.2, 1.25, 1.3 mm
Ball GrabGoodBetter
String Tension45-55 lbs54-57 lbs
Tension DropLessMore
CostCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

By this point, you should be able to differentiate these 2 strings broadly. Still, you’ll need an in-depth comparison to figure out the appropriate one for you. 

Alu Power Vs Alu Power Rough: In-depth Comparison

Now, let’s dive into the pool of important information about these 2 strings! I’ve elaborated on the key differences below. Check it out.


The individual feedback on the tennis racket strings is vital as you consider racket strings. Between the Alu Power and Alu Power Rough, the Alu Power provides softer feedback.

Alu Power is made of Polyester, which is the usual tennis string material. This string has increased comfort factors by being less stiff. It has an 85% of energy return.

On the other hand, Alu Power Rough’s feedback is a sort of metallic and pingy feedback. The hybrid material also increases the stiffness of this string and in turn, increases energy return (86.7%). 

Also, if you string a racket with the Alu Power Rough, it’ll be less comfortable than the Alu Power. You can increase the comfort of your racket by choosing a flexible tennis racket!

alu power or alu power rough


The Alu Power Rough and Alu Power, both offer the same range of thicknesses. The thickness of racket strings determines and affects plenty of factors. 

Alu Power Rough offers 3 sets of thicknesses; 1.2, 1.25, and 1.3 mm. You can opt-in for your desired thickness! The thicker the string is, the more durable it is. Still, thin strings are also good because they’re easy to control.

On the contrary, Alu Power also offers the same 3 sets of thicknesses. Alu Power may seem a bit thinner than the Rough version, but it’s only the feel of it. 

In reality, they both serve the same thicknesses, similar to rpm blast and hyper g.

Spin and Power:

The Alu Power provides less spin and power, while the Alu Power Rough provides more power and spin. 

The 2 things you can alter with every tennis stroke are its spin and power. Every string provides different levels of power and spin. Moreover, the power of your shot is the end result of the control and spin of your shot.

The Alu Power has less power than the Alu Power Rough, as it is less stiff. Along with that, Alu Power has a lesser spin than the Alu Power Rough. 

With the Alu Power, the ball didn’t jump off the strings as much. Also, it produces excessive vibrations with shots, which can affect comfort; the string is not muted as much. You can reduce the vibration by applying tennis grips

The Alu Power Rough has a better ball grab and therefore, better spin potential. On top of that, due to the increased stiffness, the Alu Power Rough provides more power. 

It also has a low-powered response off the ground, which in turn increases the control. Also, the feedback is a bit muted, so the excess vibration from shots is prevented. 

Good spin and power allow you to do different serve like the pancake serve and flat serve. 

Tension Drop:

Between the Alu Power and Alu Power Rough, Alu Power holds string tension longer. 

All tennis strings lose tension with time. The strings that retain the tension for the longest are really handy. 

The Alu Power Rough has an initial string tension of 54-57 lbs, which is quite high. However, this high string tension also causes the Alu Power Rough to drop tension quicker between the two.

On the contrary, the Alu Power has a slightly lower string tension which ranges from 45-55 lbs. Additionally, it has a lower tension drop. It means that you have to adjust the tension of the tennis string much less frequently.


The Alu Power Rough is more durable than the Alu Power.

The durability of these strings boils down to their material. Alu Power is made with polyester, which is the norm for tennis string and is moderately durable.

On the contrary, Alu Power Rough is made with hybrid material. This material consists of a mix of co-polymer, fluorocarbon, and aluminum fibers. It’s more durable than regular polyester!


Alu Power is more consistent than Alu Power Rough.

Although Alu Power Rough is a durable string, it becomes softer after a few hours of playing.

Alu Power Rough

On the other hand, Alu Power becomes stiff with time. This is a good thing for strings because stiff strings have more advantages!

You can put your racket in tennis racket storage in a dry and cool condition. This will surely retain and increase consistency!

Alu Power Vs Alu Power Rough: Which One’s the Better Tennis String?

After the long discussion above, you might need to recollect the points now. Don’t worry, here’s a summary-

The Alu Power provides softer feedback than the Alu Power Rough. This string is made with polyester and offers 3 thicknesses, all of which are quite comfortable. 

But it has reduced spin and power factors in this regard. The energy return of this string is also much less. The string tension and tension drop are also lower when comparing the two strings. This string costs around 19.95$.

On the other hand, the Alu Power Rough delivers metallic and pingy feedback. On top of that, it has a greater amount of spin potential and power delivery. The string is made of hybrid material and offers 3 thicknesses similar to the Alu Power.

The downside of this string is that it’s less comfortable compared to Alu Power. Also, the tension of the string decreases quicker for this string. Similar to the Alu Power, the Alu Power Rough also costs around 19.95$. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Alu Power so popular?

Alu Power is so popular because Alu Power produces some of the best tennis strings on the market. Their strings are of excellent quality because the strings are enhanced by aluminum. It increases the control, power, and playability of Alu Power strings. Additionally, it’s used by 60% of the top 100 players worldwide!

What gives a tennis racket more power?

The frame mass of a tennis racket gives it more power. The heavier the tennis racket’s frame is, the more power it can exert! Yet, it cannot be used by everyone. It’s quite tough to utilize really heavy tennis rackets. Professionals can use this but beginners can’t.

Is 55 lbs of tension a lot in tennis?

Yes, 55 lbs of tension are considered to be in the category of ‘high tension’. Nevertheless, it ultimately depends on the tennis player. Some players use even higher tension in their tennis racket strings. It gets risky with high-tension strings because it increases the chances of injury.


That is all the differences between Alu Power Vs Alu Power Rough. Hopefully, now you can choose the best string between these 2 strings!

If you’re a beginner, prioritize comfort over anything else. If you have prior experience playing tennis, you can opt for high-tension strings!

Best of luck!

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